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Faculty-Grad Student Sexual Harassment Study

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The #MeToo movement has brought more light to the pervasive sexual harassment that women experience in everyday life. Months before the Harvey Weinstein tipping point, Inside Higher Education reported on studies that show blatant harassment of graduate students from faculty. “Data ‘confirm that faculty harassment of students is more widespread than many may appreciate’ says the study, forthcoming in Utah Law Review.” Read the story here.

Negative Reinforcement

Mice in the rotarod performance test

Two major prizes are signaling a sea change in research culture, according to Nature. One is in neuroscience and the other is in human brain mapping–but both encourage researchers to publish negative results. “Research cannot be self-correcting when information is missing. The sorts of information most likely to stay in the shadows come from the negative results and replication studies that these two prizes put into the limelight.” Read more here.

Job-Search Material Help

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Compiling quality job-search materials is a time-consuming headache, especially early in your career. One page résumé or two? Or a full curriculum vitae? Should you add your high school babysitting experience? Click below for some great advice and materials on putting together a job-winning résumé.

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