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Lucky Dogs

Austin Community College students competed for a second year in the Austin, Texas-area Barkitecture competition, designing and building a doghouse. They won their division while raising $740 for animal rescue charities. Hundreds of hours of combined student effort took the project from sketches, to design reviews, to CAD drawings (REVIT models), and finally construction — with mostly donated materials.

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High Voltage, High Ambition

TTXGP Photo Library/Alex Tang/Laguna Seca

With a bigger, faster bike, Virginia Tech students aim for the electric-motorcycle world championships.

Goodbye, roaring thunder. The new sound of power in motorcycle racing is the high-pitched whine of an electric motor. An infant sport just a few years ago, electric motorcycle racing now boasts competitions on three continents, speeds up to 170 mph, professional riders, and big-name sponsors. Virginia Tech undergraduates are in this heady game to win . . . Oh – and complete a senior design project.

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Swiss Students Inspired by Turtles

The makers of quadrocopters and other fun robots at ETH Zurich, a Swiss engineering, science, and technology university, may be landlubbers, but that does not stop them from designing objects that swim, PopSci reports. The Swiss students are working on a turtle-inspired bot that can swim with efficiency while carrying plenty of cargo. The Naro-Tartaruga may not be as glide-y as a fish or eelbot, but it might be easier to build, and it is better for carrying payloads and robot parts like batteries and controllers.

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Meet Wendy Peng: Materials Engineering Student

A little piece of red tape – and discovering she had diabetes – changed Wendy Peng’s career plans. Here is the University of British Columbia engineering student’s story, written for the blog competition that forms the first assignment in instructor Annette Berndt’s Technical Communication course.

“To be honest, I’ve always wanted to be a business woman since I was in grade seven. I always dreamed that someday in the future I would become one of the most influential women on Wall Street. The reason why I wanted to be a business woman is simple: I wanted to make MONEY. However, things changed dramatically in my 9th grade summer.”

Special Feature by Wendy Peng

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Engineering Student Proposes a Lunar Supercomputer

NASA has a looming problem with information overload, and an engineering graduate student at the University of Southern California says he has a solution. According to the blog Digital Center Knowledge, “NASA controls its interplanetary satellite missions through the Deep Space Network (DSN), a ring of huge satellite dishes in California, Spain and Australia. But the massive amounts of data traffic being sent to NASA is growing at a rate the current set-up can’t handle.”

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