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Portfolio of Positivity

Letters tied up with ribbon

Being a professor can be hard and thankless, with a million tasks and projects to grade, not to mention paperwork out the wazoo. One professor writes in the Chronicle of Higher Education about a way to stay sane through it all: a Be Kind Portfolio. Fill it with reminders of all the good you’ve done throughout your academic career. Read more here.

In His Own Words: Rohit’s Journey to EngEd

Rohit Kandakatla

Engineering Education isn’t the first thing most students think about when applying to engineering school. This major is still somewhat niche, so we thought it would be interesting if students wanted to share how they got interested in engineering education as a discipline. Find Rohit Kandakatla’s story below.

Interested in contributing your own story? We’d love to hear from you! Please email Jenn Pocock at with your personal essay. Keep it short–around 350 words–and send a photo we can use!

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